REGUPOL sportrack AG

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REGUPOL sportrack AG

Product Details

portable track

Our modular floor for indoor athletics events. REGUPOL quality with patented plug-in technology for fast removal and re-deployment.

We developed the REGUPOL sportrack AG sports floor system especially for indoor athletics events. The concept was designed in close cooperation with HARO, the world's leading manufacturer of wooden flooring. The actual sports floor in this construction is a hybrid sandwich floor surface with a prefabricated REGUPOL base mat and a REGUPOL champion AG wear layer with broadcast EPDM granules. The substructure consists of 2.14 m x 1.07 m wooden floor panels. The boards’ special interlocking technique creates a visually seamless surface in the well-known REGUPOL quality.

REGUPOL sportrack AG

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Our modular floor is a hybrid sandwich floor with a prefabricated REGUPOL base mat and a seamlessly poured polyurethane wear layer finished with interspersed EPDM granulate. It guarantees uniform physical properties thanks to its prefabricated REGUPOL mat and is suitable for competitions, school and recreational sports and training.

The surface is firmly bonded to a multi-layer laminated wood panel and can thus be laid loosely as a modular floor. The boards’ special interlocking technique creates a visually and physically seamless surface. Storage and transport in prefabricated special boxes on pallets.

  • loose and temporary installation as a modular floor with well-known REGUPOL quality
  • multiple use
  • easy transport and storage in special prefabricated boxes on pallets
  • “hybrid-sandwich" surface
  • spike-resistant
  • stable under foot
  • slip-resistant
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Peter Breuer
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REGUPOL sportrack AG - Fast and uncomplicated

REGUPOL sportrack AG is prefabricated in our production plant and delivered to the event location packed in transport boxes. The patented plug-in system enables this high-performance floor to be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily on site. This means that the track can be set up shortly before the event and dismantled again immediately afterwards. We installed this system for the first time at the 2015 Malmö Games in Sweden, where it really proved its worth. In 2020, top athletes competed on this REGUPOL floor at the Meeting de Paris Indoor.