REGUPOL playfix edging

Product details

REGUPOL playfix edging

Product details

Our elastic alternative to edging elements made of concrete. This is the ideal elastic edging wherever the risk of falling can cause injuries.

Whenever safety surfaces are needed, REGUPOL can supply the appropriate floor, whether as tiles or a seamless surface wet-poured on site. To give your fall protection surface an all-round safety finish, we recommend using our elastic edging elements. REGUPOL edging is made of the same elastic material as all our playground surfaces and significantly reduces the risk of injury from falls and stumbles. Our elastic REGUPOL edging elements can be cut to size and bent to guarantee a seamless transition in corners and curves. Compared to conventional surrounds, elastic edging elements reduce the risk of injury, are long lasting and weather resistant.

REGUPOL playfix edging

Wybór koloru i wzoru


  • Safety
  • Certified high-quality production
  • Sustainable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be cleaned
  • Slip-resistant

Specyfikacje techniczne


PUR binder, components made of synthetic rubber (coloured) or ethylene propylene diene (monomer) rubber used as EPDM granulate

Material in the EU

Ethylene propylene diene (monomer) rubber used as EPDM granulate


Longitudinal grooves on one side guarantee elements are securely fixed in the concrete bedding.

Dimensions / Weight

1,000 x 250 x 50 mm | approx. 10 kg/item

Tolerances: length/width +/- 1% | thickness +/- 2mm

Dimensions / Weight in the EU

1.000 x 250 x 50 mm | approx. 15 kg/item
Tolerances: length/width +/- 1% | thickness +/- 2mm

Tensile strength
965 kPa

76 %

Compression test
8,5 N/mm


Embedded in concrete (concrete haunch)

Please note:
The MVVTB (Model Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules) and entry 50 of the REACH Annex XVII contain requirements products and floor surfaces have to meet. Please check to make sure that your intended application for our products conforms with these requirements.


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All-round safety with REGUPOL edging

Wherever the risk of falling could cause injury, elastic edging is a safer choice than concrete. Our REGUPOL elastic edging elements are normally used wherever certain areas need to be given a border. With REGUPOL edging, you can provide a safe bordering around surfaces with safety tiles and seamless safety flooring, grass pitches, sand pits, beach volleyball courts, synthetic turf pitches, small games courts, pathways and much more.