REGUPOL multicourt DL

Product Details

REGUPOL multicourt DL

Product Details

The ideal playing surface for ball games and athletics in school and grassroots sports. Laid in two layers on site

REGUPOL multicourt DL is our water-permeable two-layer sports surface for courts and pitches. Both layers are installed in situ, making the pitch itself seamless and the entire surface homogeneous. Its versatility makes it one of the most frequently installed REGUPOL multi-use games surfaces, as its sports functional and protective properties make it suitable for all sports. Here, sliding behaviour, ball response and elasticity are just right. At the same time, REGUPOL multicourt DL, like all REGUPOL playing field surfaces, scores full marks for durability even under intensive use.

REGUPOL multicourt DL

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  • suitable for all sports
  • seamless and homogenous surface
  • high protective function
  • high durability
  • water permeable
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REGUPOL multicourt DL: For schools with multi-use sports surfaces

We recommend REGUPOL multicourt DL for multi-use ball sports facilities. We lay the floor in a single pouring operation to create a uniform surface on your sports facility for all ball game activities. You can select different colours for the surface design and there are also several colours available for the lines. This way, your playing surface will be just the way you want it.