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Martial Arts

REGUPOL sports floors as a surface for competitive martial arts

Martial arts training often takes place in multi-purpose halls. Judo, karate, kickboxing and taekwondo, but also Tai Chi or self-defence courses are no longer confined to clubs, but are also increasingly being offered in courses by schools, universities and other institutions. As such activities - by design or accident - often result in falls, the right surface is an absolute must. Many years of experience have made our sports floors what they are today: long-lasting and highly popular worldwide. We have various flooring systems in our range which are suitable as sports floors for halls. They are elastic and have outstanding force reduction properties. For martial arts training and competitions in your sports hall, we recommend our sports mats. They cushion the throws, give a secure footing to barefoot fighters and don’t slip out of position. Professional, club and hobby sportsmen and women put their trust in our REGUPOL sports hall floors.

There’s a great range of colours to choose from – both for our sports hall floors and for our mats. Why not speak to our experts directly. We’ll be happy to advise you.

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Our Products

For Martial arts

REGUPOL tatami aikido

A special feeling for barefoot sports and exercises: our REGUPOL tatami aikido mat for training and competition.

REGUPOL tatami lightweight

The REGUPOL tatami lightweight mat is specially developed with the damping characteristics that are essential for training children.

REGUPOL tatami welterweight

From beginners to pros, the REGUPOL tatami welterweight is the best-selling mat for dojos and gyms. It is slip-resistant and long-lasting.

REGUPOL tatami heavyweight

REGUPOL tatami heavyweight, the martial arts mat for sports, dominated by kicks and strikes. Available in a wide range of colours.

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose halls. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

REGUPOL dynamic neo

REGUPOL dynamic neo has the highest force reduction value of all our indoor sports floors. For minimised risk of injury.

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