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Taking the mud out of paddocks

Paddocks are heavy use areas – all the year round. Consequently, they need robust floor surfaces that can provide safety and comfort, even in cold, wet weather. Loose or natural sub-surfaces very quickly reach their limits here. With REGUPOL, however, you have chosen a paddock floor that can meet the needs of both horse and owner whatever the weather. Whatever you choose, paddock tiles or interlocking rubber pavers, all our outdoor floorings are safe under foot and resistant to weather. A tread layer is not needed, which considerably eases the workload when it comes to mucking out your paddock. But the best thing is: muddy and slippy paddocks are finally a thing of the past!

Our Products

For Paddocks

REGUPOL equiline multi

Our elastic tiles create a calm atmosphere and a soft, insulating surface. They are easy to clean and very long lasting.

REGUPOL equiline border

Elastic and robust riding arena edging elements that last and protect.

REGUPOL equiline walkway

Our elastic interlocking pavers are non-slip and robust – this makes them the ideal flooring for walkways around or in your stable.

REGUPOL equiline multi XL

REGUPOL equiline multi XL are our versatile 2000 x 1000 mm XL format paddock tiles. It can be laid loose thank to its own weight.

Our paddock floors: easy and economical

Laying your REGUPOL paddock floor is also quick and easy. Depending on the product, it’s carried out on bound or unbound sub-bases. A final tread layer of sand is not necessary on our paddock tiles nor on our interlocking rubber pavers. This makes your water and urine permeable REGUPOL paddock floor really economical, as it cuts out the costs for regularly renewing the tread layer. Maintenance is also more than simple: just sweep the floor clean – and every now and then, use a pressure washer to clean it thoroughly.

REGUPOL in the paddock: we’ve got it covered

„We’ve had REGUPOL in our paddock for 20 years. It’s super, just like on the first day“

Wiltrud Heine, Eulenmühle Equestrian Farm (Ingelheim) (Reiterhof Eulenmühle)
Olaf Brinkmann

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