Fitness flooring

Free weight training & weightlifting

Free weights training

Fitness floors to protect the sub-base and improve acoustics

Whether barbells or dumbbells, free training with weights in fitness centres not only promotes muscle development but also improves body core stability. The weights are adapted to the requirements of the athlete. Beginners as well as professionals may occasionally drop the dumbbells or put them down too hastily. This is not only noisy, but also places a huge burden on the floor. With our REGUPOLeverroll floor coverings for fitness centres, you can protect both athletes and substructure.

So, you need a suitable flooring to meet your high demands on acoustics and subfloor protection in your fitness centre? We will be happy to advise you. Just ask our experts.

Our Products

For free weights training and weightlifting

REGUPOL everroll ultimate

REGUPOL everroll ultimate is our premium floor for fitness centres. It is available in different colours and boasts sports-functional properties.

REGUPOL everroll vitality

Our REGUPOL everroll vitality provides your customers with a secure stance for their exercises and is extremely comfortable and resilient.

REGUPOL everroll classic

Our robust rolls of REGUPOL everroll classic are the ideal floors for fitness centres – with a wide range of décor possibilities.

REGUPOL everroll essential

The striking feature of REGUPOL everroll essential, the basic version of our fitness floors, is its neutral character and a cost-effective variant.

REGUPOL everroll multitile

Our REGUPOL everroll multitile provides a solid footing for weight training and protects the sub-base from damage for falling dumbbells.

REGUPOL everroll crosstile

REGUPOL everroll crosstile is our robust tile range for fitness centres. Quick to install, it also serves primarily to protect your sub-base.

REGUPOL everroll impact

REGUPOL everroll impact is a two-layer flooring for fitness centres with high requirements of training comfort and protection of the sub-base

REGUPOL sonusfit m 520
Formerly REGUPOL AkustiPro ML-70

REGUPOL sonusfit m 520

High-Performance Multi-Layer Acoustical Fitness Flooring

REGUPOL sonusfit t 110

The 45 or 70 mm thick gym floor combines high acoustic efficiency with fast installation.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 519

The 95 mm thick gym system floor presents a cost-effective option with high acoustic performance.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 515

The 90 mm thick gym system floor is the technically most effective variant of the sonusfit m-series.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 517

The 50 mm thick gym system floor combines high acoustic efficiency with low installation height.

Please pay attention to the Consumer Product Information for each decor group, which you can find on the product pages.

The basis for safe dumbbell training

In free weight areas, the flooring simultaneously has to meet a number of different requirements. Our REGUPOLeverroll fitness floors significantly reduce the risk of damage to fitness centre floors caused by falling dumbbells. Likewise, depending on the training scenario and weights involved, the rebound behaviour of the dumbbells is an important aspect for athletes’ safety. REGUPOLeverroll fitness floors offer a variety of floor designs that can be adapted to the specific requirements. 

In weight training, the strongest of the strong come into play, with both athletes and floors facing a great challenge. Using snatch or clean and jerk techniques, weightlifters have to raise the heavy bars above their heads. After that, they drop them; job done. Now it’s the floor’s turn. It has to absorb this heavy weight and ensure the subfloor suffers as little damage as possible. To deal with such heavy loads, we have specially developed flooring systems in our product range that can be adapted to such requirements. In addition, we can also develop individual customised solutions to cater to the special features of your specific project.

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