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Indoor cycling

Indoor Cycling

The perfect flooring for indoor cycling

Indoor cycling in fitness centres involves using several bikes at the same time in one room - this has a strong impact on the floor. The bikes start to move and exert force on to the floor. Our floors can withstand such high loads and absorb the resulting force transmission. Though the athletes work up a sweat in your fitness centre, our REGUPOLeverroll fitness floors stay cool. Their properties are not affected by this at all.

Our Products

For indoor cycling

REGUPOL everroll essential

The striking feature of REGUPOL everroll essential, the basic version of our fitness floors, is its neutral character and a cost-effective variant.

REGUPOL everroll classic

Our robust rolls of REGUPOL everroll classic are the ideal floors for fitness centres – with a wide range of décor possibilities.

REGUPOL everroll vitality

Our REGUPOL everroll vitality provides your customers with a secure stance for their exercises and is extremely comfortable and resilient.

REGUPOL everroll ultimate

REGUPOL everroll ultimate is our premium floor for fitness centres. It is available in different colours and boasts sports-functional properties.

Please pay attention to the Consumer Product Information for each decor group, which you can find on the product pages.

The flooring as a boost to motivation

Indoor cycling in Fitness centres is very popular for many reasons. The athletes improve their stamina and build up their leg muscles, while relieving the stress of daily life and at the same time strengthening their cardiovascular system. On top of this, indoor cycling on special bikes is gentle on joints and a highly effective calorie killer. Cycling in a group and the accompanying music provide that extra boost of motivation. However, it’s not just the sound ambience that makes cycling in a fitness centre a special experience, but also the visual appearance of the floor. Our REGUPOLeverroll fitnessfloor can add a touch of colour to your course rooms and, with the available grey tones, even recreate an asphalt look.

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